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Unformatted Medal requirement reset for pvp arena


I have noticed that the cost of medals will go up constantly for the pvp arena. While this might seem like a far fetched idea that Inno Games would not agree with (mainly because maybe players would be more likely to spend medals for more fights instead of spending diamonds), long term players will run out of medal expansions eventually, and may be a controversial idea I would recommend that the medal requirements reset once a month. This is because spending medals for the pvp arena can also get really expensive as well, but with no medals reset in place this means that the medal requirements for pvp arena battles will continue to go up as well. Also, on top of this it also has to do with the fact that GE and GvG may require medal spending as well. Even if this idea does not work out I just wanted to mention it at least once.


It currently resets every week.... Your idea would make it reset monthly... No Bueno!
NO for me, since You forgot a poll....
I did not know about this. All I know noticed was that the medal cost was starting to get expensive in medals when I started adding more battles. I just looked at the cost of medals for on one of my worlds where it was starting to get expensive to add more battles with medals. It went down to 150 medals instead of remaining high. Also, resetting once a week is better than resetting once a month. So good point.


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