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Confirmed Message Center Spacing Issue

Thread posts generated on PC, single spaced, appear as one line on Mobile. Conversely, posts generated on mobile single spaced, appear double spaced on PC.

Example (from a 1.9 lock thread):
Player 1 Zeus 3 2
Player 2 CDM 2
Player 3 Traz 2 1

Appears on Mobile as
Player 1 Zeus 3 2Player 2 CDM 2Player 3 Traz 2 1

Will even occur if PC player copies a double spaced mobile post and pastes into the thread. The line breaks are all removed.

Occurring on US Z world on both Social and Guild threads.

My first post here, hope I did right.


FOE Team
Beta Community Manager
Thank you for reporting this.
We are aware of this issue and have forwarded it to our game developers.