Migrate GvG Functionality into the App

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GvG is one of the most interesting and most interactive aspects of the game. This functionality can and should be ported into the app.

Current System (if applicable)
The current GvG interface is only accessible via flash in the web browser.

Like every other function in the game, GvG can and should be migrated into the app. The GvG fights are no different than any other fights. I have read online that Into says it would be too resource intensive for the app, but there is no technical merit to those comments. If it is the case that Inno sees GvG functionality as deprecated and doesn't want to support it going forward, then just say so.

Here is a simple, high-level list of what would need to be done:

1) The combat interface for all ages already exists in the app. All that would need to be done is add the GvG hooks here to update the the DB with the result of each fight.

2) Create GvG map interface in the app. This is certainly a heavy lift, but it is no more complicated than any other map that already exists in the app. The overall map could be updated periodically with the exception of the handful of sectors under siege at any given time. There is certainly nothing more resource intensive here than updating the player ranking for every player after every fight on any map -- which is already built into the app.

3) Great GvG ranking Interface. This is a very simple database view - it updates once per day at recalc

Abuse Prevention
The is not an expansion of the game, so no new avenues of player abuse will exist. Of course new code can always be abused, so the code should be checked by whatever standard tools and procedures are in place at Inno.

Visual Aids
See current GvG functionality.

So many players in the game now are mobile only. It is my preferred platform too. If we want to keep this great feature of the game alive, it must be ported to the app. There are always excuses not to do something, if one is looking for them. What I am asking for are ways to make this happen rather than ways to make it not happen -- those have already been explored.

Believe it or not, some players will spend diamonds in GvG healing units too. I'll bet enough diamonds would be spent by mobile players in GvG to pay for small amount of effort to port this functionality over several times over.


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Wonderfully well written Proposal, I look forward to more postings from you.

Unfortunately you have run afoul of the Dnsl. See the stickied thread: Do not suggest list if you are interested in the details.

Stephen Longshanks

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Proposed change is on the Do Not Suggest List. I have highlighted the pertinent line below. I will now close this thread.

Do not suggest list

  • Building rotation
  • Server Clock
  • Bronze Age, Arctic Future, or Oceanic Future in GvG
  • Any Unit Upgrades
  • Anything that is already available through Diamond purchase
  • Anything changing the production times for supplies, coin, units, etc.
  • Changes regarding Diamonds (costs of items and features, package prices, use of diamonds, etc.).
  • Suggestions to change size of Forge Point Bar (100+)
  • Trading between resources (supplies for coin, coin for medals, etc.)
  • Any proposal to alter, delete, or limit plundering
  • Additional expansions in any way
  • Ability to prioritize which buildings in your city you want aided first
  • Do not place a proposal up for voting of any kind
  • Other languages forbidden (must have English translation)
  • Bringing computer functions to mobile devices
  • Any improvements to Inno itself (staff and new servers)
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