Military Buildings and their Units


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For the progressive era; Tank Factory and Ordinance Factory, does the split in colors mean that the units do bonus damage against both types of units, Range/Fast +50 from Heavy Unit, and Fast/Heavy + 25 from Artillery?
That is correct.


I recently attacked a player that has three Great Buildings and even though I had superior troops, I got slapped around like a step child, haha. I should have came here first and learned what I was getting myself into. Lots of great tips throughout the section and I want to thank those who contributed.

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I don't know if its possible to update this, but the stats on the lower age Artillery aren't up to date with the patch that lowered the attacks by 1 each.

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In the progressive age Snipers ( Ranged Units ) have an attack bonus against Conscription Officers ( Light Units ), would they also have a bonus against Jaeger Encampment Light units from the Industrial Age or would the bonus be against Howitzer's ( Heavy Units ) from the Industrial Age or no bonus at all? If so which and how much attack bonus would be applied to Snipers against the Industrial Age Units +50 or +15?


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They have +50 bonus against Light Units, so that bonus is applied to Light Units of all ages (Conscript, Jaegger, Ranger, Great Sword Warrior, Berseker, Mercenary, Soldier, Spearfighter). They do not have any bonus against Heavy Units, so they receive no bonus against Howitzers.


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I have been told that Cannon in LMA have a dug the dug in bonus (7), is that true? It isn't listed on the chart, I am assuming they did not always have this bonus if indeed they do have it now.


I was going to create a document like this, but thought I better search the forum first, and this is PERFECT! Thank you so much for putting it together. Now, my question is: Would you be willing to put the excel document up on Google Docs, so we can access it in excel?


Thanks for posting this, I use it all the time. How did you create it? If you post the source we can update it for the newer ages.

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What are the signs for each type of unit. I have no clue which is which or best or anything to that matter, I've just been guessing during my battles. Or auto battle