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[Question] Military strategy for conquering the Arctic Future continent


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Think you can complete the map with behemoths?

If there were sufficient stealth hexes to utilize I'd be willing to give it a try (of course I don't have behemoths or a map to complete anymore either). You also forgot the part about reactive armor in my post as well. Admittedly their lesser movement range might make it harder to close with the plasma cannons but for the most part I killed those sectors with TE drones. :)


The reduced capabilities of the rail gun are felt here, especially as you get deeper into the continent. The good news is that the opposing troops aren't getting a huge boost (I'm pretty deep in and a 40% boost is the biggest I've seen). I use 2 hover tanks and 6 rogues as the most flexible lineup (I change only rarely when the enemy lineup looks susceptible to something better). The surrogate soldier is pretty slow, and the Battle Fortress isn't speedy either, so I almost always stay well back, hoping to knock them out before they ever get close enough to attack my tanks. The hover tank has the range to hit the surrogate soldier without taking retaliatory damage (just be careful when you line up your shot), which is one reason I like to use hover tanks, not to mention their stealth. Only when the enemy force has rail guns will you have to move up. The dragon drones are pesky more than dangerous. I try to spread my forces out when facing 2 or more dragon drones so that the drone can only attack one target (which happens on their 2nd move), and I knock them out after that so I don't have to worry about placement. Usually, I will have one or 2 rogues left that haven't been converted yet, and I can use them for one big hit on a drone. For those who like to bunch their troops in a corner of the map, be careful about the surrogate soldiers. If you're in a corner, you may not be able to move far enough away from the surrogate to avoid its retaliation shot. In general, I don't think the AF continent map will cause you huge concern (except for its sheer size and the long times for scouts to find the new province). It's mostly filled with treasure chests, which some might find disappointing. I had much more trouble way back when I was trying to get through the Industrial Age map.