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[Question] Military strategy for conquering the CE continent


In these past message threads...




...I have gotten excellent military advice from forum members, especially PhantomForger, jaelis, Traxxed, Bruic, UrbanLegendZ, ByeOrDie, Glarg, and rugalo. Thank you all for your past help. I find myself in need of your knowledge again.

I have a 57% attack and defense boost from my GBs. I am minimally involved in PvP and GvG, so I keep just enough military to conquer the continents easily without needing to negotiate. I do have a level 5 Alcatraz. My two questions for the CE continent are:

(1) If I’m just going to use two CE unit types, which two should I use? If only two at a time, which will I need for the early provinces, and which for the later provinces?

(2) What is the best strategy to deal with the new battle terrain and format? In PME, the new challenge was the two-wave attacks. In CE, does this continue? What new challenges are added, and how are they best met?

Again, many thanks to all the experienced fighters willing to share their insights on the forum.

jlshetler, Houndsmoor


I'm not too sure with 57% boost, but all I needed were CE tanks and A-Airs (Anti-Aircraft Vehicles). The reactive armor is very useful against strong attacks since they cap the max damage at 4, and the "Contact" special bonus from A-Air will easily take out all units except tanks (barely though, with my bonus, tanks still couldn't stand a chance against me)
Both units' terrain bonus is the plains, so you don't need to worry much. You do have to note Strike teams can hide in forests, but the A-Air Contact will allow you to retaliate against them if they shoot you from forests still


ByeOrDie is on target for the units - if you're only going to use 2, go with the tanks and AA. It will work pretty well against most of the map, at least it did with my low-60's boost. If you've able, putting up some strike team barracks might be a good idea - the buildings give a 4% attack bonus, and are pretty small. Also, there were some sectors a 8-strike team attacking army worked like a charm.

On the format - the 2-wave thing does continue, although IIRC not the first province or so. Nothing really notable about the new terrain.


Will tanks + AA get me all the way through the continent, or just most? In PME I found that tanks + IFVs got me through every province but the last one.

It also sounds like I need to spend some time up-ing my military boosts.


The last province is tougher, just like PME (and the trend continues into TE). If you're sticking to just the 2 units, it would be a good idea to get some more boost to get through the last one.


In fact I'm waiting on that last PME province until I have my CE military units... brutal. And expensive to buy with goods.


I understand that some provinces on the continent map are played differently by the computer than others. I vaguely recall someone saying that the GvG AI was used only on the last province of the PME map, for example. I am wondering, are Rogues useful for conquering any of the provinces in the CE continent? I have just moved on to province 8 of 12 and it's starting to get pretty tough with just Assault Tanks and Anti-Aircraft Vehicles...


I believe the AI is the same across the continent this time. The only time rogues may be useful is if you are versing an army with many artillery units, so you can use a helicopter + rogues if you're low on helicopters.


I would recommend a combination of 2 AAs and 6 rogues to get you through just about everything. Just make sure you keep the AAs back so the rogues get hit first, especially in the first wave. It's critical that at least one of your AAs survive the first wave, or you won't be able to handle the second.


So the CE AI doesn't prioritize hitting Rogues first (like the city defense AI does)?
Continent AI for all ages is smarter than city defense AI. It only becomes really evident in later ages when everything has a ranged attack.