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Mishap on the Soccer Field

Aethelcatt VIII

Active Member
The match is at a critical point, and Team Æthelcatt has to score on this possession to stay in the Gold League.

Barry Miller receives the ball from Paul Mason, passes it on to Dave Robinson and immediately runs to the sideline to consume his allotted 87 energy drinks.

Surprisingly, Dave is not where he is supposed to be! In fact, he is nowhere to be found on the field. And the ball rolls harmlessly out of the baseline, to the opposing team.

Coach Æthelcatt is hopping mad.

"Where in the bloody hell in Dave?" he demands to know. "We are in the middle of a match, for Christ's sake!"

"He's in the bathroom, coach," Paul comes over and answers. "Been there ever since the last time he touched the ball and had his 144 drinks."
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