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Confirmed Missing Flying Island Shards

Balogna Pony

New Member
  • Browser and Version: Opera
  • Overview of the bug: missing shards or notifier is wrong
  • How often this occurs: 3 days
  • Urgency: meh
  • Preventative Actions: ‍♂
  • Summary: The notifier in the mobile app was lit for most of the day but there wasn't a shard to be found in desktop browser either. Yesterday easily found two and the notifier turned grey. Today it's lit but no shards in mobile. In desktop browser the notifier is grey.


Well-Known Member
Visual issue only. We've passed this issue onto the developers.

Rest assured when there are actually shards you'll see them and be able to collect them on mobile. The indicator is the only thing not working and it's a mobile only issue.