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Contact Support Mobile app update causes in game restarts

Hipp the Proud

New Member
  • Browser and Version: IPhone App (iPhone XS software 14.2)
  • Overview of the bug: upon starting play this morning the game has been unstable, restating every few swipes. It has restarted while swiping around my city, while tapping to collect and while putting FP on a GB
  • Screenshots: none, the big causes restarts
  • How often this occurs: usually within 10 sec of starting in the game while in my city. GBG and settlements and GE were stable.
  • Urgency: game virtually unplayable in main city screen
  • Preventative Actions: i have tried moving slowly in the city, not zooming the view, and keeping as many of the visuals off the screen when I collect a building. None of this seemed to help. The only stable things were when I was not at the city screen (GBG GE Settlements)
  • Summary: unplayable reset bug showed up with the new version on iPhone