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I propose that Inno create a greater number of female avatars with a greater diversity.
a) inspiring female innovators
b) a greater diversity of generic female avatars

Current System
In the current system there are limited female avatars to choose from. As an example, of the options I personally have available, there are 45 female to 90 males.

Inno should boost the number and diversity of generic female characters available to choose from at any time from the selection available.
Examples: a woman in military uniform, a female astronaut, a female athlete, a businesswoman, a female swashbuckling pirate, a female adventurer etc.

Inno should boost the number of interesting and inspiring female avatars – historical figures such as Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Ella Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo, Maya Lin, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sacagawea, Harriet Tubman, as a few examples.

Inno should ensure that each special event rewards one male and one female avatar.

Inno should make available previous event avatars for people who joined the game after those events happen to have a chance to win or purchase with diamonds. Perhaps a game with a “wheel of fortune” with various historical avatars on it – players can choose the female wheel or the male wheel and have a chance to win a previous event avatar.

Abuse Prevention
Not an issue for this proposal

FoE has many female players. Players like being able to identify with the avatar they choose, either an avatar they feel they are similar to or an identity they wish to take on for the purposes of the game. Therefore a wider variety of avatars would make the game more interesting and inclusive.
Thank you for considering my proposal.


Edit* changed my opinion back to "Neutral" with a leaning toward "No thanks."
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why not allow all members to upload their own pics or any gif u want u can upload, why only those very limited avators??????


If the avatars are made to be representative of the Earth as a whole, then roughly half of avatars would be females, about half of the avatars would be Asian, Southeast Asian, or Indian, about a third of the avatars would be wearing glasses, and most would have dark skin.

I think the avatars we have now more or less are representative of the player base, which is mostly European or American, about 2/3 male, and mostly young but a good chunk is older or a senior. I'm glad we have some avatars that depict some of our most under-represented populations in games: the very elderly. We even have what some suspect is one or two people of unknown gender.

My question is simple. Exactly which population are we aiming to reflect through these changes?


Now I think about it more, if we want more avatars we have to start somewhere. I'd prefer a broader range of new avatars. More females is a good start, since the devs are more likely to cave under the pressure of political correctness.

I think we could also use more customization while using the same avatar, like being able to choose a different colored background. That's a suggestion for a different proposal though.
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