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Already Suggested Move sets of buildings together in your city

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New Member

Add the ability to move groups of buildings in your city at the same time.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

I couldn't find this as an idea already suggested or in the do not suggest list.


When re-configuring your city, sometimes you want to move a large set of buildings, and it can be time consuming to put the sets back together when you have to move them piece by piece. For example, if you have one of the 10x10 cherry garden configurations and you want to switch it to the other side of your city. But this applies to pretty much any of the sets, as you most likely want to move any group of buildings receiving a set bonus together if you're just moving them to a different part of the map. Also, currently when you move the first piece it breaks the "set" and the clock resets on any bonus productions that the set provides until you put it back together in the new spot.


I am picturing a "move group" selection button where you can click adjacent buildings (or drag the mouse on the PC) and then you can move all the buildings that you have selected as a group.

Visual Aids:

Sorry, my photo editing ability is terrible, so I don't have a visual aid. The button could be placed next to "move" button that is currently in the build menu and the reconstruction mode.


I don't think that it will impact other game features. The only addition needed would be the new button to select which buildings that you would like to move together.

Abuse Prevention:

I can't think of a method of abuse. The only game benefit to the player is that when they move a set, it no longer resets the clock on production for that set due to the set pieces temporarily not touching. I don't think that the original intent was to deter people from moving sets of buildings, it's just a byproduct of having to move one piece at a time. However, if that is an intended consequence of moving sets, then this feature could be made available only in reconstruction mode.


The ability to move selected groups of buildings together would streamline the process of re-configuring your city.

Friend of dragons

New Member
I agree. Moving building sets as 1 unit would make reconfiguring a city much easier and would mean no more waiting till they produce before you reconfigure.
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