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Mughal Empire Cultural Settlement Feedback

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Looking forward to seeing what the mechanics look like. I struggled with some settlements (Vikings) mainly due to time required to babysit it vs Egypt, which I enjoyed. Aztecs is kind of meh for me. I like that the strategy for how to complete settlements are different for each one and can fit different play styles.
The new settlement looks cool. However, the reward building makes it not worth doing this settlement. Previous settlement buildings are some of the best in the game. the Mughal Temple does not appear to be nearly as good as any of the event buildings. You would think the reward would follow Settlement precedence and be worth all the work these settlements take. Shame. I have completed ALL the settlements. Dont look like I will waste my time on the Mughal settlement

Kranyar the Mysterious

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Too bad the beautiful artwork in the settlement has nothing to do with the Mughal Empire. This has even been brought up in feedback, and I'm surprised that Inno feels that it can overlook this type of cultural issue in this day and age.

Even more of a shame that the settlement is so slow paced that I don't remember seeing one single person on Beta happy with the way this one plays.

Thankfully the building really isn't worth building for me, so I will be able to skip the settlement all together.

So a mixed bag, I guess.


I hope this settlement is open to all ages, as I have finished Japan, most of Vikings, and some Egypt...
Gonna run out of settlements here in lowly Iron Age in a couple months....
No... I won't be aging up multiple ages for Aztecs or this one....
It is not gonna be that great.... I'm pretty sure...
sorry it is unlocked after higher education in LMA
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