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Do Not Suggest Multi-City Empire

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Kono 1

New Member
Provide possibility to the players to have multiple cities which can function together, as real-life empire. To simulate real-life environment where any empire consists of multiple cities where some cities specialize in production of goods, others in trade, military, etc. Resources within empire are transported to support all of the cities, military is used commonly to attack/defend the whole empire.

This change would open a number of possibilities in players empire setup. It would make the game more dynamic and interesting. For InnoGames this would mean more player online time and increased revenue.

Currently only diamonds are common resource players can use in their multiple city setup. The idea is to expand the same functionality to goods, coins, supplies and military, replicating the functioning of the real-life empires. FPs would not be possible to exchange; some limitation has to remain to make the game more challenging.

This would open up the possibility where, the same as today players setup diamond farms, one would create specialized cities to produce goods (for example a city that produces only Iron), other specialized military city, etc.

These resources would need to be transported from city to city, and as in real life, there would be a delay and cost of the transport. Cost of transport would be paid in coin and supplies. Time delay would depend on the player age and quantity transported. Delay would be in a range of 1-3 days. This would require players to strategize and plan in advance.

Military units from the city of departure could be unattached or attached units. If they are attached units they would in a same way as in GvG DA be lost and in the city of arrival exist and unattached units.

The whole empire could coexist only in the same age. Only the cities of the same age could exchange these resources. This would prevent unfair situation where military of advanced age is used in the lower age.

This possibility of transport would be unlocked in the Technology Tree (Maritime Shipping of the Colonial Age).

Visual Aids:
Transport window where player can choose what they want to ship to where and pay the cost would be linked to the existing Harbor where additional ship would appear (visually adapted to player’s age). For example:

There are no changes to existing functionalities of the game. This would be a new feature.

Abuse Prevention:
As mentioned unfair advantage some players in advanced ages could exploit in case exchange would be allowed between cities of different ages. Therefore, limitation of the same age is proposed. Alternatively, an option would be to allow lower age to ship to higher age and in a case of higher age city shipping to lower age city limitation could be put to allow shipment of goods and military units only of the age of the destination city or any age below.

The cost of shipping would need to be defined. It should not be too low to keep the game challenging but also not too high not to make this feature unusable.