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Contact Support Multiple Bugs in Mobile App Platform


The number of bugs in the mobile app / iPad platform are growing and growing and seemingly no one cares to resolve as the HEAL ISSUE reported this week has been moved to the "not a bug/will not fix" Tab, and the NO RANKING on victorious battles that I reported in a Support Ticket back in January has not been fixed either.

  • Heal Button is not working after completing battle. Granted, if a player does not lose diamonds b/c the Heal Button deducted the purchased diamonds without healing the desired unit - then likely this has not cheated the player out of money spent. But if you are entering battles using an age of units above your level that were won in a quest with the intent to heal it if it were lost, that is an issue! And if you are a player who buys diamonds for the express purpose of healing units and that function is broken, then why spend money on diamonds at all? This issue, for me anyway, is not consistent on any world I have a city - sometimes it is the Heal All that does not work, sometimes it is an attempt to heal a single unit. In the screenshot posted - I attempted to heal the 'dead' Sub Cruiser with BOTH the Heal All and the Individual Unit Heal - neither worked.
  • Also on the Screen Shot posted you'll notice that the points awarded for a successful battles states "No Ranking". I reported this in a support ticket back on January 9th. I was assured the points were being calculated accurately and accumulated toward the Tower Standings. Maybe this is true, but this is yet another frustration in not having visibility to your progress. And combined with the above - the mobile app platform becomes USELESS for anything other than Aid, Tavern Visits, and Messaging.
  • And my last complaint on the mobile platform, for which I have no screen shot - City Collection Issue. Countless times I have collected all the completed productions in my city on the iPad App - only to log off, then log back in to find several buildings did not "collect" even though I reviewed the city carefully to be certain I collected EVERYTHING. This may seem insignificant - but many players stage their collections, especially on Great Buildings and their assorted Event Buildings to be on the same 24 hour cycle - simplifying the collection process. And if buildings "appear" to be collected from, then found hours later still UNCOLLECTED, this disrupts the 24 hour plan and is yes - ANOTHER FRUSTRATION! I've made it a habit to log off and back on just to check this issue since it is happening more and more.
The above may seem trivial in the grand scheme - but as these issues with the Mobile Platform become more numerous and frequent, it gives rise to an erosion in trust with every aspect of the game when playing on iPad. Am I really getting IDOLS with the appropriate frequency of my Temple GB level? Is my Seed Vault rewarding my Aids as frequently as it's level dictates? Is my Rainforest REALLY giving me more Blueprints than if I did not have it? Were 250 Goods of my Era really added to my Inventory for my Himeji Castle Battle Reward?

Just to clear up any questions - I clear my Safari History DAILY, I remove all website data from my iPad storage routinely, I do NOT play with a bunch of open windows in the background, and yes, I have deleted the app and reinstalled MULTIPLE times to try and correct these concerns.

I've been playing this game since 2013. I was so ECSTATIC when we got the Mobile Platform and I was no longer a slave to my computer. I don't have any of these issues on the Browser Version!



FOE No Rank No Heal.jpg