Music: Favorite Genre & Bands/Artists


Huge music fan here, also I love to play guitar and drums. Just curious what you all like to listen to?

My favorite genre is Metal

Favorite Bands/Artists
Project 86
Demon Hunter
Pink Floyd
Becoming The Archetype
August Burns Red

that's just a few of my top ones


Great thread!

I used to listen to Post-Metal religiously. I've since backed away from the hard, progressive-oriented scene.

Now I listen to a lot of Memphis Soul. Al Green, Otis Redding, Booker T. & MG's, Ann Peebles. There's a whole lot more from the Memphis sound, but those four are a good place to start.


Cool Valhalla ... you definitely have gone in a different direction there :D


Yes, but only on the surface. Truthfully, both genres are very evoking from an emotional standpoint. And that's certainly one of the beauties of music. Depending who you are, and what you are attune to, there are numerous forms of music that can fulfill your needs.

I highly recommend Jakob to any music listener who can stand heavy music:

They capture a space almost entirely all their own, and they are truly magnificent, even if they aren't your type of music. But, it's hard to get people to admit it, usually for people's subjectivity when applied to art. To me, listening to Jakob, while they are post-metal, they truly an experience all their own.


I'll check out Jakob. I'm pretty eclectic and open to new music. I don't really watch tv- about 30 mins to an hour a week- but I listen to music constantly so I need new stuff constantly. On one of my worlds I have in my profile that I'll give FPs to anyone who recommends a song- because well FoE players are diverse and someone out there knows a band that will jive with me.