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My Arc suddenly dropped from level 52 to 28???

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I just opened the game, and without any warrning, my Arc that was a nice level 52 just an hour ago, is now level 28!!!
A guild mate have the same problem, with his Arc going down as well.

Anyone else have this problem? Seems like a bug, but I would like to check here.


Were you leveling it up with FPs from Oracle contributions? Just a guess. Other than that, no clue. Mine didn't change, but it is still a baby, lol.


my cdm went from level 50 to 19.. noticed it when i collected and got only 11fp


Some serious level bug hit the game.

And no, I don't have the Oracle and I didn't use it.


same here.. never had the oracle and never put any fp on one plus I think my cdm was level 50 before oracle was ever released


People with Arcs were abusing the Oracle contributions. They changed the Oracle levels a few days ago. (They were banking tens of thousands of FPs)


so seems that inno was lazy again to find the people who were abusing it and punish them... instead they punished everyone


My arc dropped from 75 to 53 this morning, I see several others with the same problem. I also cannot sign into support to report a concern. Says username does not exist. But yet I'm signed in to play the game.


My Cape and Inno both dropped 30 levels each. Don't have an Oracle, never donated to an Oracle, never seen an Oracle!


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so seems that inno was lazy again to find the people who were abusing it and punish them... instead they punished everyone
Its certainly odd because none of my higher level GBs have been affected at all ... maybe thats because none of the donators on mine earned FP via Oracle? Wondering if those who were punished and had not donated/own a Oracle were done so indirectly due to their donators who had exploited it?

Either way, its another one for my "wtf Inno?" list


The Announcement regarding Oracle of Delphi might be why they have lowered GB levels for many players. this is ridiculous by the way as I have seen lots of GBs with 20 to 50 to even 70+ levels below where they were. Not to mention I know no one who even has an Oracle of Delphi nor have I even seen one so if this is the reason Inno has done this and according to the Announcement was done by Inno on purpose then they are hugely mistaken and I dont think I will play this game anymore. Anyway the announcement below.

"We are very aware that, for a short time, the design of the Oracle allowed for a higher generation of Forge Points than the amounts invested in the building.

This was obviously not the intended functionality, which is why we have now adjusted the level up requirements of the Great Building.

As this has introduced a huge amount of unintended Forge Points into the game which would have long-term consequences for the balance of the game and as we don’t want to reward the exploitation of design flaws, we will remove those forge points from the game in the coming days, even if they have been invested in Great Buildings.

As a result, some players will see some of their Great Buildings lose levels, however we don’t currently intend to suspend players for the use of this.

Please be aware that our support will not be able to assist you in re-gaining Forge Points or other items you may have lost due to this. This step was not an easy one for us to decide on, but we think it is crucial for the future and health of the game that this kind of thing cannot be abused, and we will endeavour to pay closer attention to the balance for future content updates.

We would also like to remind you that the abuse of game design flaws – as outlined in our game rules – is not allowed in the game.

Thank you for your understanding while we work on solving this in a manner that is best for a balanced game environment."

I think this is ridiculous...I haven't even seen an Oracle of Delphi nor do I know anyone with one?


It is ridiculous and let me repeat I don't know anyone with an Oracle of Delphi.


lots of my investments are gone also had about 8k in fp investments as well as my kraked dropped 20 odd levels ive never built or invested in oracle


No response from Inno yet. Let's hope they are running around with their heads on fire figuring out how to fix this issue for all the players that they have affected to punish a select few.

On top of that, forgDB is reporting the highest Oracle on Q world is only level 8. There is zero chance for any real abuse, except the abuse that Inno just laid out to plenty of players on Q world.


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I'm guessing the German servers (where this exploit was primarily being abused) sent some code over to all the other versions of the game for the developers to put in, and all it did was look for any GB that had a large number of contributions/levels gained in the time since the Oracle was added and reset them to what they were before that period. Based on what I've seen on Dunarsund, it seems that just about everybody who had a Kraken at or above 30 had it reset completely thanks to whatever check Inno ran. The Kraken was added at the same time as the Oracle, so that was a focus to level for a lot of players and since it was all done during the time this exploit was going on, it threw up a lot of false positives for benefitting from the exploit I suppose. Hopefully support can get this fixed!

Again, I don't think this was really a problem at all on the US servers (exploiting the Oracle, that is), but it must've been a pretty big deal over in Germany if their catch-all for fixing it is so hamfisted as to affect more innocent players than abusers over here in the US.


I can explain what happens because I play on the French server or it all started
the Oracle of Delphi allowed with Arc level 80 to gain 10 to 15 000 fp rising it to the level 80-85, the time that inno rule the problem some french players had won several thousand fp
and so inno has decided to withdraw his pfs in excess and levels of great monument also because some took the opportunity to rise their great monuments of several levels with his won fp

unfortunately this patch has bugged and everyone lost several levels of great monuments even those who have not been involved