My INNO LOGS have been hacked through my chrome browser.


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There are a couple of guild leaders on g that had better be checking their members out. If so much as a 1/2 penny goes missing on my RL financial accounts this will become an issue for the FBI Internet crime division.
Duplicate thread for this exists in bug reports. Neither one was clearer than the other.


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Hello wonderlust,

Thank You for contacting the U.S Forge Of Empires Support Team.

The website is not an official InnoGames application.
It is a 3rd party application which may have invalid information.

Here is the information regarding that site.
Forge of empires is the intellectual property of InnoGames GmbH. This is an unofficial 3rd party site, not in any way managed by InnoGames.


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Forge of Empires, U.S.

This is their answer A third party has access to every thing every one on the foe does. Not even a 2nd party but a third party. How many other people have access to all your files? This is very disturbing. Inno is not responsible for my computer hack because some 2nd 3rd of 1000 party has access to every players information. Wow and they think this is an excuse?
What exactly do you think they have access to? For one, they are notoriously incomplete and incorrect on their reporting. What exactly do you think was "hacked" there?
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I know what was hacked my activity log was hacked.
What activity log? What exactly was "hacked"?

What I am more concerned about is was my real life files compromised? That is the issue that INNO doesn't seem to understand.
It doesn't make any sense, so perhaps that's why they don't understand.

My computer was hacked. My chrome browser was changed. That is a fact.
But not by Inno or its databases. How would having access to your town's statistics have changed your Chrome browser to the extent that it became useless and needed to be re-installed?
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I hope you didn't lose too much data and got your computer scanned etc. Thanks for bringing this issue to the gaming community at large and Greifental gamers in particular.
Have you tried switching browser to Opera?

Hope the situation is sorted asap ..


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Why do you dispute the FACT that my chrome browser was changed.
I didn't. I believe you 100% that your Chrome stopped working properly for you. I don't understand how it happened in the way you believe it did and I'm trying to understand why you think it did.

I had to uninstall it and reinstall it to get back on line.
I'm very sorry to hear that. Did you also run an antivirus and some malware apps to make sure it's not something in your system?

Why would you question that that was a FACT?
I didn't. I'm just trying to understand how you think it happened through and not another way, such as through a trojan horse keylogger? It doesn't sound like something would be capable of doing... since Inno doesn't give them your password. I also don't see how could have completely disabled your Chrome browser... or to what end. It sounds like you either have a virus or you were a victim of a password phishing scam... or perhaps both. But without sharing more screenshots, I can't see how and specifically Inno could be the specific cause behind your particular hack.
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