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My Longhouse was Finally Plundered


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After 3 months of no interests at all, my longhouse finally got a customer who spent 4 rogues into it. At least, this made my day great.

If I put some armies he couldn't beat, then he would just run away.
Forge of Empires - Opponent Lost 4 Rogues.jpg
Forge of Empires - Longhouse Plundered.jpg


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To trick a plunderer into it.

He thought me longhouse was an event building, so that was a score.

Someone bet I couldn't win this game by keeping my Oracle of Delphi and longhouse, so I'm going to prove to that guy.
How does someone think it's a event?

And it's super easy to beat the game with those two items. They're super small. Barely makes a difference with how much space that takes up - I use more on hall of fame

Edit: you know... There are a few "Plunder X buildings" in Colonial/Industrial age quests. They might have done it for the quest and not for what they can plunder. Many who don't like plundering will go for the least destructive option to the person being plundered - your house
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Eh, I've plundered longhouses in CA. If plunder is about to run out and that's all there is, it gets taken. I prefer supply buildings vs coin ones though.

Not really sure how this is a win.


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Got all of those. Now if I have won the game, why are all of you still playing?
Because we all know Virtual Future is still unfinished, there will be more updates for this era in the upcoming days perhaps another very exciting GB that is affordable by a Colonial player to change something you can't do it at the moment.