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Nasty and mean on Forum


When I first started this game, I really relied on the Forum. I could generally find the answers I needed easily, and if I couldn't, I would ask my questions and usually get really quick, friendly, super helpful replies. It felt like a real community, which enhanced my enjoyment of the game.
Now, the entire atmosphere has changed: nasty comments, snarky, unhelpful, downright mean replies abound. Where are the moderators? Why is there no standard of acceptable behavior on the forum? Of all of these nasty people are so unhappy, why don't they just stop playing? INNO, I genuinely believe this is one of the finest games out there - but I am sure that this negative atmosphere is costing you players.


1. The forum is still incredibly helpful. If a player asks a question, it gets responded too very quickly. Now, if the player then starts to get nasty and act like all the older players who just helped them are being jerks and know nothing? Yeah, that player rightfully earns the snarky comments they then get.

2. Many forum members are sick and tired of brand new forum accounts coming here, NOT READING the PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING THREADS and just writing a paragraph in the proposal section on how the game should be changed to suit their needs, because they are bad/don't want to actually try at the game, then just insulting everyone who doesn't agree immediately.

3. The players that hang around here actually enjoy the game and want to keep playing. They offer WELL THOUGHT OUT and IN FORMAT proposals that they hope others will agree upon, and hope Inno will put in game. Because they care about the game.

4. Players around here tend to have good discussions about the game all the time. Things can tend to get heated (I've had my fair share) and people can butt heads, but the reality is, they don't just hate each other. They tend to disagree and then move on, usually discussing other things civilly again in other threads. As with any social group, not everyone gets along, but rarely does it turn into immediate hate and bashing.

5. Adult type anger/tones and insults are still not allowed around here. While the moderators may not be around 100% of the time, they still moderate the threads. They remove swearing and nasty insults when they see them, and issue warnings when necessary.

6. It's not as bad as you're making it out to be. There are far worse game forums and toxicity levels elsewhere. This place is generally pretty chill and civil, so you're wrong there. Again, most people around here just have good discussions, even if they do get a little heated.

Stephen Longshanks

It changed in large part because many of the newbies coming here began acting like they knew the game after 2 weeks and started insulting people who answered their questions, and then started a wave of newbies making proposals without knowing the game or bothering to figure out how to properly use the Forum and personally attacking experienced players that tried to direct them. And then there's the long-time players who only come here intermittently to complain about the game and bash Inno. Many of us would love for the atmosphere to change back, but it works two ways. Newbies aren't going to be treated nicely when they're disrespectful to the voices of experience that mostly want to help and educate them. And long-time players who only complain (and usually incorrectly blame Inno for their own system shortcomings) aren't looking for resolution, they're looking to vent.