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Fearless Queen

Hi looking for a guild In Jaims. I'm interested in building "Great Buildings", trade and motivate/polish. I play daily. Thanks!
Hello Fearless Queen,

Don't forget to drop by Global Chat in Jaims and give a shout-out there, lots of guilds do their recruitment from Global Chat.

Good luck! :)


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D.O.A. is always looking for new members. Go to J world and ask me for an invite, if you are interested. I will gladly send you one. (jameshorle)

below zero

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Vail is looking for players who want the same thing you want. We have GvG players and traders in the guild. We have GB clubs, Observatory club lots of motivating and polishing plus a FP everyday from the town hall. It's a friendly guild that communicates well. Send me a message and I'll send you an invitation.