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Need a relaxed, helpful guild?


I have a guild in S world, newer but laid back relaxed, no 'jobs or duties' to do. Just do you own thing, without expectations. This is a great guild to get your city, great buildings and inventory stocked up, upgraded and organized. We will help you with whatever you need to get established.

GE is optional and all levels always unlocked if you want to play.
No GvG so no need to worry about having to farm or fight.
Swap threads available to help level your gbs faster.
Good help thread available if you need goods, you can ask the guild for help
Motivation Polishing tread available in case you are low on coins, supplies or happiness, ask the guild to help.
Anything you need, we can do it for you. Just ask!
Other than that, you won't be expected to do anything other than help your guildmates if they ask for it, if you can.

If you are too busy to keep up with an active, ,competitive guild, or if you have a new account and need help getting it set up, this is the guild for you! Come join us.