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Need Friends? Post Here

  • Thread starter DeletedUser9433
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Hi, just joined this world and naturally need friends to potivate, feel free to add me JennyButler is my in game name.


Still seeking friends for S world, please add me, JennyButler. I AID pretty much daily.


Add me as well, mattavnlk. Also add my friend, NiceSwingPointBreak.


I'm new to the game and learning the ropes. Please add me as a friend: Alexandra the NotSoGreat. I give aid daily and help out with trades when I can.

Mo Jimi

The Summer Casino is coming... get your daily MoPo here! :)
Looking for friends in the World of Sinerania.

Malacai the Unforgiven

Please add me. I've only been playing for a few days, but I'm super active and will m/p everyday!


ALWAYS looking for more friends; but I want friends that will aid. So far, I've been pretty regular about aiding my friends. FYI, my ave. is 6 out of 7 days. I'm test4me in Langendorn. Thanks!


Always looking for more friends :) and active ones! :) Accepting all adds, i m/p daily. :)


Not even sure how to look up a name, but I'd be happy to add you. I'm hungryfish Jenny


Fairly new, able to join guilds but not ready/able to participate in GvG yet. Hoping to get some friends and maybe hear from some guild recruiters. If you aren't able to invite but you are able to accept requests, please send a PM and I will send you the request.
Happy gaming :D