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Need Friends? Post Here

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How does one search for or add friends? You need a certain number of residents to join a guild right?

Mazz the Great

New Member
Looking for Friends - I aid DAILY!! I play in O-world and R-world so send me a Friend Request if you are playing in those worlds. -- Mazz the Great
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Mo Jimi

The Summer Casino is here!!! Lots of Motivation and Polishing going on in this event. Get your daily MoPo here so you can continue to attack your Neighbors to satisfy your FoE needs!

Looking for friends in the World of Sinerania.


Name is cityfan long time gamer, relatively new to the game, seeking friends for the end of the world and a day


Add me please - No 1x1 (have just one) in my town and have GB (only donating FPs to my guild to help them grow). I will aid you almost everyday unless reality take me away from this game.


Just started a week or so ago. Found a good guild (let me know if you're looking for one). Looking to add friends.


looking for friends.
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I am seeking friends to potivate, in all eras, with and without GBs. Please feel free to add me to your list. I potivate almost daily. I am Babsy57, and currently in the HMA.


Hi there. I am looking for friends, all eras. WIll help almost every day. I am just in LMA and can use the blueprints very badly :)


I am seeking more friends to potivate, in the World of Sinerania, in all eras, with and without GBs. Please feel free to add me to your list. I potivate almost daily. I am Babsy57, and currently in the LMA. Looking forward to the Fall Event, and new friend invites.


I would love to have friends! All worlds, all eras. I potivate daily! Sunny The Magnificent. Add me!


New To FoE been playing about 2 weeks still learning. Almost to Iron Age not quite though. I joined just as the fall event thing was wrapping up and had lots of apple trees and friend requests but now they have all abandoned me so just have a handful left. But I have figured out to aid/motivate as much as possible and whenever possible. Anyone needs aiding look me up I will help.


Hi ,I play since few months ago ,I will love to add more friends ,who play daily and help often
my ID in the the game is movalhala


Hi folks, I am a member of Rising Phoenix guild. I have room on my friends list for more but i am out of requests. I play daily and i haven't missed a day of aiding since July. So, p;ease feel free to send a request. thank you. Have fun

I plan to fully participate in the new Friends Tavern
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Accepting friend requests. Can't send any. You know the story. I sit and aid as often as is possible.


I am at max for friend invites (80), but well below the 140 list total. I aid and visit the tavern of my friends every day, I have a table cloth in my tavern (Royal, currently), I am just about to enter colonial age, and I regularly invest FPs in great buildings of people on my friends list. I have a ToR, LoA, and St. Mark's, if you want to grab blueprints (I would be particularly interested in FP swaps for the observatory). Send a friend invite to Trevitus and I will gladly add you!