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Need more tavern friends


Hi everyone,

I am over 80 friends, so I can't send out any more friend invites. But I am below 140 total friends, so can still accept invites from others. If you are a tavern regular and would like another regular tavern goer as a friend, send me an invite! My in-game name is Fearezen

I hope to see you in game!


I am in the same position. I aid and visit the tavern of my friends every day, I have a table cloth in my tavern (Royal, currently), and I regularly invest FPs in great buildings of people on my friends list. I have a ToR, LoA, and St. Mark's, if you want to grab blueprints (I would be particularly interested in FP swaps for the observatory). Send a friend invite to Trevitus and I will gladly add you!