Unformatted Negative attrition as reward in GBG

Suggesting to add a reward in GBG for winning a battle or negotiation which would remove 1 or 2 levels of attrition, to encourage people to continue in BGB.


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-1. Removing a level or two of attrition would make no difference if it were a rare reward and if it were a more common reward, like fragments of the SoH, it would be overpowered.


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If the rewards from GBG are not enough to encourage participation in GBG, it won't happen with this. The only thing this will do is allow the players who farm for rewards all day with unlimited Siege Camps to farm even longer for even more rewards. But with 21 million rank points, you know that. Is that your goal?

What rewards are you willing for Inno to take away to add this? How about a 25% reduction in FPs for a 10% chance?

-1 No. Regardless of the answers.
The premise of the proposal is not without merit for discussion, however the limits are imposed for "good" reason; whatever they may be, regardless of whether you agree/disagree with their "fairness". Participation in GbG comes with the cost of only being able to do so much in one 24 hour period. For once in the entirety of the forum I actually agree with Razorback Pirate.


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I vote no.

This idea completely negates attrition. The effects in highest levels of GBG is readily seen, the ramifications for extending that to all levels of GBG are obvious and not good for the game.


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No. Encouragement is already provided by way of the existing reward system. If you need further encouragement, that's called GREED. If your guild doesn't wanna play because things get tough... they can wait until reset and start again. I don't see why this should be mitigated in any way.