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Negotiating Nonsense


New Member
Negotiating with 5 supplies to choose from and 3 turns to get it done. You should be successful 50% of the time At least. Been a while since I did Japan.

1. First turn put down all 5 goods. This will eliminate the goods that are not used. Remember a good can be used in more than 1 slot.
2. Second turn. Move the goods that were in the wrong slot to another slot. If you still have an empty slot move a good thst was in a correct slot to an empty slot.
3. Last turn. Move the goods In the wrong slot into another slot. My suggestio… when it’s down to a 50 50 chance between 2 goods always use the same rule to pick the good. I always pick the good I have less of. But you can also always pick the good you have the most of. It’s shouldn’t matter and over time you’ll guess right 50% of the time.

I just want to add due to the title of this thread. Negotiating is not nonsense it is logic. Use logic when negotiating and you’ll soon be very good at it. It’s really just a puzzle… a version of the mastermind game.
Thanks for the great tips Lord Pest. I think I was just having really bad luck. I came down to that 50/50 split several times and it seemed I was selecting the wrong good each time. I was able to complete the settlement with several days left. Was just using up a lot of my goods which was frustrating.


Active Member
Accusing a player of lying? I look forward to your apology.
I apologize for the quick assumption that it might be deceptive. I was wrong. Razor does have that many goods. Good for Razor.
Not sure I'd dictate to a player with years experience how to play the game. Leastwise not until I had years of experience under my belt as well.
Nope, not even then.
I'd ask RP about it and hopefully learn something cool, like how to earn hundreds of thousands of Goods. That I'm sure you'll be all excited to donate to your Guild Treasury. You've already decided there is no reason to stockpile Goods, right? I won't ask RP either, seein' as how I've got hundreds of thousands of Goods in all three of my cities as well. Crazy stupid players playing the game the way they want, what's to learn from them?
Agreed. I could learn a thing or two about how to get crazy amounts of goods. Obviously Razor can do anything with the goods Razor wants to. It was merely a suggestion that hardly needed any kind of vehement feedback from anyone. It is so much easier to ignore than to respond and yet here we are.
Now, now. You been runnin' 'round since you got to this forum spewin' bile at long time posters.
Don't seem right for you to be doin' that and then get pissy when someone calls you to task.
You got a right fine Guild and they do a wonderful job, but do you think there is a chance they may not hold all possible wisdom when it comes to running a Guild Treasury?
It's not like you've ever managed a Guild Treasury, right? All you know is what your Guild Leadership, the ones who do the majority of GBG fighting, tell you.
Especially if they indoctrinated you to the point where you think the only option for excess Goods is donating them to the Guild Treasury.
Nope, don't reckon you are in any place to be telling proven players how to play the game or accusing others of lying.
Claiming I spew bile at long time posters seems like an accusation that would need some proof. Anything I have said that was insulting has been deleted... Additionally this is angst from the past brought up in the post which clearly makes part of your comment off topic, and serves to show that really you just don't want me to post anywhere, anytime, for any reason. I personally think that has more to do with your prolific retort than anything terrible I said. Maybe you should just ignore me if you don't like what I have to say.

Lord Pest

Well-Known Member
Ways to get crazy amounts of goods….
RQs with a high level CF…. The spend x fp quest when donating in the 1.9 thread works great here.
Lots of fights in GBG… in diamond league you get 50 goods when the fight rewards goods.

please add if you can think of more.

Nucky Johnson

New Member
It has happened several different places where "negotiation" is suggested as a means of resolving whatever. Invariably the "negotiation" process involves THROWING AWAY useful game values on a process which has no definitive positive outcome. The multiplicity of "judges" of "adequacy" of the "negotiation" offerings and the number of game values being demanded make it stastically impossible to predict any outcome OTHER THAN THEFT OF GAME VALUES by a random process. The whole "negotiating" nonsense reminds me of the brutally offensive "joker" intruded into the "Story" process in at least one of the cities where I've chosen to play. There was never any positive outcome for doing any of the absurd things that the "joker" demanded that a player do.
In the case of the Feudal Japan offshoot from the primary game, this negotiating nonsense appears to be the primary explanation for the shutdown of access to essential land areas based on a QUICKNESS CRITERIA for finishing the setup of the subset city. It results in a PAY TO PLAY outcome where only by spending purchased DIAMONDS can the player proceed with the game. Even if the negotiating nonsense wasn't entering into the process, that shutoff of playability seems inherently objectionable to this decrepit old man who has long since had to set aside all notions of being able to satisfy QUICKNESS CRITERIA.
Anyway, I have identified two aspects of the Forget of Empires which it is my opinion should be corrected.
Somebody has too much time on their hands.


Well-Known Member
What is there to further discuss? That some people are bad at negotiations? That some players confuse the option to spend diamonds with the need to spend diamonds? That the Merchant in Feudal Japan makes it one of the easiest settlements to complete within the allotted time?

Lord Pest

Well-Known Member
I have done all the settlements except the mugwhatever because the building has no interest for me. The Japanese settlements are by far the easiest to complete.
I’ve done them all including the Mughal Empire and while easiest is debatable I did the Egyptian Settlement 40 times to get 10 ancient obelisks and IMO that one was the easiest to do in the shortest amount of time. I’d usually finish the gold reward with 3 to 5 days to spare.

Sharmon the Impaler

Well-Known Member
I’ve done them all including the Mughal Empire and while easiest is debatable I did the Egyptian Settlement 40 times to get 10 ancient obelisks and IMO that one was the easiest to do in the shortest amount of time. I’d usually finish the gold reward with 3 to 5 days to spare.
Hmmm , I just finished it yesterday with 5 days 8 hours to spare . This is very interesting


It may help the OP to think of 'negotiating' as a game of guess what good I have under the cup. Inno called it negotiating so as to juxtapose it with fight. You can fight or negotiate, but it is not actually negotiating with anyone or anything. It is merely trying to guess what item is pre-selected for each spot. When I first started playing I too took umbrage at 'negotiating' and thought what kind of negotiation is it when the person says, sorry no that is not what I want, but I'll take it anyway, now make another guess what I want.
Inno does have right up front 'pay and negotiate' so you are paying to negotiate. Whatever the name it is just a guessing game, and when you fail to guess in the 3 or 4 allotted guesses you can give up and then try again or pay the diamonds. Does Inno hope you opt to pay the diamonds. Hec yes. Just like they hope you pay diamonds to heal your troops after battle and pay diamonds and pay diamonds and pay diamonds and buy diamonds with $$$$$.
But you do not have to spend the diamonds. You can simply give up and try again.
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