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Neighborhood Overkill

Discussion in 'Tavern' started by Basherr, May 23, 2015.

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  1. hjh102

    hjh102 Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2013
    Wow. My bank account is totally unaware that I'm a 'rich kid'. Too bad you're unaware that a lot of players that succeed are neither rich, nor 'kids'.
  2. ahsay

    ahsay Active Member

    Jan 17, 2015
    Who the hell said any imbalance is a "great thing"? I've been reading posts like this for almost a year and I don't remember one player saying hood imbalance is a "great thing". What most, including me, is trying to tell you "whiners", if you guys would take the time to listen, that's the way it is. Hoods will be imbalanced.

    Right now my muskets are getting their asses kicked by choppers. So what? No really, so what???

    The point is that there are solutions to imbalanced neighborhoods but you guys would rather whine than figure out how to play a part of the game. Imbalanced neighborhoods are a part of FOE. If you don't want to come up with a solution to deal with the imbalance, stop playing.
  3. Shaunypoo

    Shaunypoo Active Member

    Mar 31, 2015
    I have never spent a dime on this game and I think I am doing pretty good. I know many other players like me.
  4. St Clown the Learned

    St Clown the Learned New Member

    Sep 27, 2015
    When I first read your post, I just thought you were whining and disregarded, but now I'm looking at this very differently. In my Houndsmoor game, I'm in a neighborhood where the top guy has a village rating of "1.7M" while I'm at 188.7K. And that's a vast improvement over when I got placed into the neighborhood as I was two levels below him and now we're both Industrial. Still, he's rated nine times as prolific as I am, and every day it's like I'm just curious as to which goods building he's going to plunder as tribute to him. The second highest rated person in my neighborhood is at 699K.

    I've assigned my top forces to defense, but he rolls in with troops I can't match who are rated at +66%, mine are +26% of base now. The most damage my defensive forces inflict upon him is 3 bars against a single unit. He's the United States and I'm Zimbabwe. It really does take away from the enjoyment of the game to have such a huge difference in the level of players all within a single neighborhood. I can only imagine what the lower end people in my neighborhood think of this rat.

    When a neighbor has such a marked advantage over all the other people in the neighborhood, there should be some sort of pro-rated value to the spoils taken during a single plunder. He's getting the points towards medals already, nobody in the neighborhood can touch him there, why not prorate his plunder? Or the developers could set up an environment that would move players like him into some sort of cut throat neighborhood, make things more competitive for him.
  5. Ditzy Chick

    Ditzy Chick Guest

  6. Ditzy Chick

    Ditzy Chick Guest

    I don't think anybody "in charge" is listening. In fact, I wouldn't doubt if they're laughing at us, what I now all, "victims". Not only have I been continuously plundered by numerous people affiliated with certain guilds, at the least 3 different people a day, my poor little High Middle Age army is being blasted by....CANNONS...what?
    #1. When I started this game, I (yes, stupidly) thought it was just a city building game.
    #2. I saw my first PVP tower and thought, "no big deal" because on other games I've played that had pvps, the "war" was between two people who AGREEDto fight each other. Never have I played a game where someone could just come in and attack and plunder while I...oops..sorry....had to go to the bathroom.
    #3. I've tried everything everyone has suggested....I aid everyone in the event list as well and those below (where the avatars are). I have offered friendship, I have offered to contribute to their GBs. I had one guy...Knightriderxxx...who told me "my name is knightrider and my game is plundreing" (and the others refuse friendship). Now, I've checked his city...he has very little when it comes to supply buildings. MY view is that he is literally stealing people's goods in order to keep from doing his own work. On that world (I used to play all 20...now down to just the 2 in which I'm in a guild and ready to quit playing altogether), I've not been able to level up because all supplies/goods/coins are going towards trying to strengthen the army I don't even use except for defense. However, I can't level up, he can, and I have no chance to get anywhere on that world. I've closed that world down, now only spend my fps and gather what coins I might have left. Anything I need for leveling up is coming from the treasure hunt (which is totally unfair also because it takes 16 hours of your time to get any good chests and most people, unlike me ...retired... have a life and can't have their lives revolve around that in-game game) and the events. Using a well known response...GET USED TO IT...there ARE lazy people who don't play this game as it should be played...they steal from others to avoid all I go through to play the game as it's supposed to be played...by doing the "hard" work myself.
    #4. Now, I will admit that when I'm forced to, because of event quests, to plunder...I have done so. Luckily only once since I've started have I had to do this, and then I went back and apologized to each person as well as offered to pay back, somehow, what I had taken (always just coins...the least I could plunder). If one doesnt finish that event quest, one cannot move on and finish the event, thereby not having the chance to hopfully get the reward that will help end these bullies...yes...bullies reign of terror.
    #5. As many have mentioned, there are guilds out there that REQUIRE plundering. Not fair.
    #6. I do my damndest to collect on time, even going so far as to use a timer or three, write down the times I need to collect, and if my computer is slow, or the game is slow, there's an update in the middle of my game, or a world's server is down (and NOBODY at INNO let's us know why or when it will be back up...example...a month ago different worlds were down, some were up, many complained here in the forum and nobody, absolutely nobody, answered our requests as to what was going on and when our main worlds would be back up), when I was finally able to get back to the game, my best production building...a lowly farm...plundered. Eight friggin hours of waiting for a good collection and becaue of computer problems (my own or the game's)...gone...for no good reason and I have to start over.
    #7. I've tried the 1 and 2 day production suggestions...meaning I can't play at all for those 1-2 days except as said above, spend my fps and collect coins only (there should be a way, other than taking out a road piece, to stop production of coins, too).
    #8. Sooooo many people have complained about the plundering of weaker players and still, nothing is done. In fact, we're called crybabies, told go play teletubby games...insulted and once again, abused.
    #9. I'm on a fixed income...can barely make my rent....the suggestion to buy diamonds to do anything is not the answer for me.
    #10. A game whose developers ENCOURAGE plundering in the manner this one does is unbelievable. This means that the more well-off players and bullies have permission to ruin others' games....forcing them to quit out of frustration. This game is time consumming enough and when one's time is wasted, one should be expected to complain and think about quitting altogether as I'm contemplating now.

    Just to make it clear, I don't mind the attacks, it's the stealing I have a problem with...stealing my goods, stealing my fun, stealing my time. People can attack to get medals...there's no need to rip me off.

    I'd go ahead and propose that plundering is done on a pvp level with both parties agreeing to the consequences of THEIR fight. Those who don't WANT to fight, welp, the bully needs to move on. However, I know already the remarks that would be made and nothing being done to stop this unfair ability, so I'm not wasting my time trying. Many others have tried, have been shot down, not listened to, or told to go play another game. If that's too hard for the developers to do, then work on making the so-called "neighborhoods" (yeah I feel like my cities are in in the poor, crackhead neighborhoods) more equal is, again, what is needed to be done. Inno is throwing the lambs to the wolves and maybe I'm "stupid" to think and feel this, but not only are the bullies given permission and hearty "good job" slaps on the back, but I seriously think the developers, as well as forum moderators, and yes, the bullies, are laughing their a**es off at people like me....which makes me think those people are bullies, too.

    Then again, life is unfair, so what else should I expect from a "game"?
    I liked playing this game...now I get anxious and my blood pressure rises, my hopes fall, seeing which lazy bum(s)...yes I said that word again...have once again set me back and ruined all the work I've done to try to protect myself.

    Someone mentioned having a building that provides 24-hour protection...good idea. Someone else suggested a limit of 5 plunders a month....good idea. A few have said that constant plundering by more than two people is considered harassment and can be reported...can be reported yes, but nothing will be done. MANY have suggested more fair neighborhoods....nobody's listening or care.

    So, here I sit, not a happy camper because I'm wondering about how much of my effort has gone into someonbody else's grimy little hands, cringing at the thought of even getting on the game for what I will find. I'm giving this game one more week...that's it...and when (yes, I'm sure the time will come...soon) I decide to quit, I WILL go to every review site I can find and to make it easy on myself, copy/paste this reply as MY review in order to warn others not to waste THEIR hard-earned mone and time on a game that is totally and completely unfair. Trust me, I'm not just talking "out my rear end". I'm at the end of my rope now.

    Can't wait to see the replies I get to this thread. I cannot make my case any clearer, so this is my last complaint. If you don't see me post anything else, you'll know that I've been FORCED to take my business elsewhere, so good luck to all...you need it.
    awcrapilost likes this.
  7. awcrapilost

    awcrapilost Guest

    +10 for building the great wall of words. Its hard work, not everyone will do it, but you sir, are a hero.
  8. Glarg

    Glarg Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2014
  9. iamtheemperor

    iamtheemperor Active Member

    May 20, 2014
    Musings on your list:

    2. FoE is extremely tame compared to other games with pvp elements. Losses here are minimal. In Tribal Wars and Grepolis, both by Inno, attackers can destroy your city, requiring you to start over from scratch.

    3. Aiding, adding friends, and contributing to GBs are not the only suggestions that have been offered.

    4. If memory serves, quests asking you to plunder provide an alternative. At any rate, complaining about being plundered and then admitting to plundering seems hypocritical.

    5. Plundering is an intended feature of the game, and is therefore not unfair. Exploiting a bug is an example of unfair.

    6. Inno and other players are not responsible for problems with your computer. Additionally if your particular world server is down, it is down for the other players in that realm also, making it impossible to plunder.

    7. There are many things to do while you wait besides collect coins and spend forge points.

    8. And this statement reeks of hypocrisy. You complain about being called a crybaby and yet you call others lazy, abusive, mean, and bums.

    9. You don't have to spend one cent on this game to advance.

    10. These points have been covered. This game is quite tame. You're calling people names again, even though you don't like it done to you. And no one is forcing anyone to do anything.

    The rest of your thread: you continue to hypocritically call people names and erroneously say you are forced into doing things.

    Just my two cents.

    If this game is causing you anxiety and high blood pressure, perhaps there are other games that would be better for your health and enjoyment. Glarg suggested Elvenar, a city building game also by Inno with no pvp. Plus you can play as cute little purple elves!
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
  10. Cassaundrea

    Cassaundrea Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2013
    ok one more time....

    IE. INNO is now offering a new GB - Voyager V1 - first level states
    production bonus produces 13,200 supplies in 24 hours

    NOW passive bonus is given for...drum roll please
    PLUNDERING. for 3 times you receive 3 random goods from the era of building you plundered. SO PLUNDERING IS NOW AN OFFICIAL PART OF THE GAME and those who have Voyager V1 will most likely be plundering even more then before. So sorry but get use to it. It is what it is and plundering is now going to be much bigger part of the game.
  11. iamtheemperor

    iamtheemperor Active Member

    May 20, 2014
    That ferris wheel doesn't make anything "official". Plundering has always been part of FoE. Plundering plays a role in many games with war elements. It acts as both a reward for successful battle strategies and as an historical reminder that real-world armies pillaged and plundered cities they conquered. Suggesting plundering is only now intended because of the ferris wheel is akin to saying aiding only just became acceptable because of the spinning skyscraper. It's just a GB perk, albeit a nice one because it isn't the same-old same-old.

    On a different but somewhat related note, official is a word I wish would disappear from the vocabulary. Along with literally.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2016
  12. Ruby Rainfall

    Ruby Rainfall Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2014
    Ive messaged you before about your situation, but you ignore advice.
    You just want to rant and yell and cry "Its not Fair" and refuse to stop and think...."hang on, maybe I can learn something here if I listen"

    You wont get anywhere playing the game as you are doing.......but as you dont want to take advice then there isnt much anyone can do to help you out.
  13. Meat Butcher

    Meat Butcher Active Member

    Aug 3, 2013
    I remember when I started the game and got through 4 hood changes. I thought I was a star player. All of a sudden I was put into a new hood with peeps that had tremendous global point totals. I was in LMA when I first got to see tanks and I was like WTF !!!???? I had no idea that you could be that advanced. I learned quickly to set your collections accordingly and did my best to always motivate & polish the higher ups in the hood that were plundering me. Sometimes it worked and they would do the same back, but others were just relentless. Either way I got rid of half of the peeps who plundered me.

    The other benefit was I stared getting blueprints of great buildings I never heard of which was pretty cool. I made buddies with some of the so called whales. Got invited to a great guild and now I had all these trade resources at my disposal of whales that all of a sudden were helping me to succeed.

    yeah some peeps can just sit an whine about the wales, but others take what is in front of them and learn, adapt, and overcome.

    Guess what ? You can now call me Orca :)
  14. Cassaundrea

    Cassaundrea Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2013
    Although plundering has been part of the game, now with the GB award for it, it will be much more part of the game. If you put up the V1 GB it would waste part of the bonus if you didnt plunder. Therefore it is being encouraged more so then before - before it was there you could do it but most who didn't only did so when it was part of a quest ....now it is part of GB bonus and reason for not plundering is less then before.

    What I am trying to say ... after this subject, plundering, has been in thread after thread after thread.... loudly there are other things to discuss and finally, (lol) is whining about plundering is useless. GET USE TO IT.
    hjh102 likes this.
  15. Ditzy Chick

    Ditzy Chick Guest

    To Ruby: I can't find any messages anywhere from you, here or on any worlds. If you had given me any advice that I haven't tried already (and I mentioned that I've tried everything anyone suggested), I would have taken it. If your advice was something I've already mentioned I tried, then reading that (apparently hidden) message would be a waste of time. Tell me, where would I find your great advice? You were too easy to jump on me when you had no clue whether or not I took your advice.
    To everyone else: The truth hurts doesn't it? The people who play unfairly have been called out and they don't like it...boo hoo.I call them as I see them. I'm being dissed for one reason, complaining about those who don't play fair (and I'll say it again...lazy bums) and those people are trying to make ME feel like I'm the one in the wrong? Typical of those with guilt.
    Since Wednesday of last week, on one world, I was attacked and plundered 13 times by 10 different people. The two weeks before that were worse, so bad that I am down to only being able to build one goods building, which was plundered numerous times. Now, you tell me that the cost of what I lost was little to nothing and could be made up...ummm....without supplies (that were also stolen), how the hell do you think I can do anything at all?
    So, to satisfy all...I'm gonna do as you "suggest" and open my cities, and put up a sign saying "Freebies for all...take all you want...I certainly don't need to level up, I'll just stay where I am and you can just take and take and take. I'll do your work for you!!!" How does that sound? OH, and how about I spend what little $$ I have for diamonds to get buildings that give higher amounts of supplies and goods that you can take? Yeah, go ahead, take everything and feel proud of all the "hard" work you've done!!! And I'll be skipping and laughing, joyful that I could "help" you. Oh, and to make things even EASIER for YOU, I've disabled my army!!!
    Yeah, right...there ya'all go...happy now? I'm your slave and you have my permission to abuse me in any way, shape, and form your lazy butts can think of. Oh, and just to make sure you get it right...I'll be on world T, so have at it kiddos.
    I'm fighting for what is right...fairness....guess I should just get down in the gutters with you.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2016
  16. Shaunypoo

    Shaunypoo Active Member

    Mar 31, 2015

    What you are doing is classic projection. You know how you are playing is inadequate and rather than adjust and take advantage of the mechanics that would put you on par with other players, you would rather berate others who are different from you. No one is berating you for how you play, just how you are acting like a spoiled, petulant child who doesn't want to listen or adjust. I hope you are not as intolerant of others in real life as you are in this game.
  17. Ditzy Chick

    Ditzy Chick Guest

    What are you ShaunyPOO, a psychiatrist?
    Since when is it right to "adjust" to abuse? And I really hope you people aren't the bullies in r/l that your are here and on this game. You're just po'd that I took what I needed away from you by closing down. No ShaunyPOO, I was playing like everyone else who's not interested in ruining someone else's game. Oh, but wait, guess all who think like me are WRONG WRONG WRONG, right? However, NOW I"M DOING WHAT YOU want me to do!!!...letting YOU have YOUR fun.
    I'm the friend everyone wants, one who is there for you for whatever you need. I'm the last person to be a "sore loser"...if you PLAY FAIR. I'm also the most tolerant person you'll ever meet...I don't see color, I don't hear accents, I help those who truly need help and yep, in r/l I also get screwed cause I'm TOO nice. I guess I've been so nice all my life, and been abused in ways you have no clue of so many times, that YES, I'M FINALLY TAKING UP FOR MYSELF AND OTHERS WHO ARE ABUSED!!! I volunteer at an abused women's shelter, I feed stray animals....what do you do? You know nothing about me except that I take up for those who are too afaid to because of THIS kind of abuse. But that's how people are these days...selfish, so I'm giving up and giving you what YOU want so badly that you're willing to FIGHT for it instead of ask nicely. So, with my blessings, have fun!!!
    If you don't play world T....start playing it now and I"ll take you from the stone age to the moon!!!

    Now, take YOUR selfish self and go plunder what's now YOUR city on world T.
    Those of you who take advantage of this offer ARE PROVING MY POINT!!!
  18. jaelis

    jaelis Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2013
    I'm afraid this thread is rapidly descending to personal attacks, so I will close it.

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