neighbour abuse

Stephen Longshanks

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Please don't be offended if I plunder you. I don't get offended. It's part of the game.

But here's a tip: Set your defense to one rouge, that way they may burn a free kill (Atlantis) and get zero in PvP. Sooner or later when they are a hooddie they remember not to even bother.

Oh and always hit them back if you have the time. It makes the game more fun.


Speaking of "Duh...". About your tip, Atlantis gives a chance to double their plunder, so your part about "burn a free kill (Atlantis)" makes no sense. My guess is that while you said "Atlantis", you were thinking of the Kraken, which does give a player a chance at a free kill. But if your intent is to minimize their PvP points, it makes more sense to use one Horseman than one Rogue, as the Horseman gives the least amount of battle points.


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Or you can do what I do and ignore the first two times because it is a part of the game, how ever the third time it becomes a pattern of unfriendly behavior so I simply go to their city and put a forge point on everyone of their GB's then when they get close to flipping I give them 1 more FP and take away their double dip opportunity which usually hurts them worse than whatever I could get from them even if I could beat their Army. Most of the people who are serial plunderers have about a 200 % boost and I wouldn't have been able to beat them anyway. So don't get mad get ahead.


Be glad that you are not playing Evony. City emptied and a total wreck unable to function. City is in lala land and arrives back in the game away from your Alliance.