Net-Neutrality for non Americans


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Sorry for asking this here but can't find an answer on the web.

I am based in the UK and we have strong rules on net-neutrality here but if the bill (or what ever its called) gets past in America, will that effect things like this game. Will it depend upon where INNO is based, what country the server is in, the country in which the ISP belongs to or the laws of the nationality of the user?

For example, I am British but go on holiday to Australia and play FOE. Foremost I am from the UK and we have net-neutrality laws here but will they still protect me if I holiday in a different country or play an American game? I hope they do not affect me as I didn't have a say in American laws.

Thank you in advance for any helpful replies.
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Nope. This game is based in Germany. We are the only country bought and paid for and run by enough idiots to consistently shoot ourselves in the foot... and that isn't even a bad pun since guns are part of our problem (whichever way you swing that door). It may, however, affect players based in the United States. This game doesn't really seem to be "at risk" though. It doesn't tear up bandwidth and it's not "controversial". I would think this game should be just fine no matter what happens unless one or more of the ISPs gets crazy and starts upcharging for EVERYTHING not controlled directly by the ISP. Still... that would be our issue. Keep in mind, the FCC's ruling will be challenged on multiple fronts in the courts. There is no guarantee it will stick as it is INCREDIBLY unpopular among the bottom 99% of us.


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I am still learning something new every day even at my old age. Didn't realise INNO was German (my second home). Alles Gut.

Don't think all those bots help in the decision, I hope they look into who used them to cast votes, even heard of a deceased grandmother casting a vote even though she passed on 20 years ago.


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Net neutrality repeal in the US appears to affect consumers connected through ISPs in the US. The ISPs would be allowed to throttle or block sites they didn't like, or that used too much bandwidth, or charge information providers to access the ISPs customers. That is pretty much the entire point of the net neutrality repeal, but the ISPs claim they won't do any of these things. But they are spending millions of $ to make certain they can. Why dpenfd all that money if you are not going to use it? They have been caught breaking net neutrality in the past...