New and Old. . . looking for a guild? D.O.A. has landed!

MAJ Madden


D.O.A. Guild, originally from Ciriguard, has landed here and established an outpost in this world, and currently has a few slots to be filled!! If you’re looking for a guild, you should consider helping us further establish and build up this new guild here!

NOT JUST FOR THE NEW! We know that some folks just get burned out on the game, and we realize that people who play have a Real Life! We’re not a guild that expects everyone to be on for 8 hours a day, everyday, and be in the chatroom, and sending 20 messages, and answering your trade within 20 seconds of posting….if that’s what you’re looking for, then You’re not for us.

But if you are trying to maintain your city at least once a day, M/P’ing your Guildies at least 4 times per week, and actively working towards progressing up the tech tree (or already completed it), then we need to talk about your future in D.O.A!

We bring the same philosophies to this world, that make our guilds great in other lands, and while we consider ourselves a ‘fighting’ guild, we also have need of those who love trading for our quartermaster team. Benefits of being in DOA:
• Long History – D.O.A. has been in Ciriguard for over a year and a half, and has representation on Griefental, Arvahal, Beta, Brisgard, Fel Draghyr, and East Nagatch
• Interactive Members – We play as a Guild and we succeed as a Guild
• Motivating and Polishing – Guild Standard: We motivate every Guildie at least 4 times per week
• Fair Trades – We have many members with many Goods at fair trade ratios
• No Drama – just active players working to help each other, and make this the best guild on C World
• Real Lives – we don’t throw you out because you went on vacation for 2 weeks, or got deployed, or work gets in the way.
• Great Building Clubs – many of our guildies with great buildings benefit by having their buildings leveled, and still having the opportunity for rewards.
• No Retired Members on the payroll – You come, you play, you retire. That’s great. When you retire you leave the Guild, and we recruit to replace.

And although we're set up as a guild of warriors, we also have a need for those whose focus is trading and building up goods. Every good guild has need of a good Quartermaster team! DOA is a Guild of active players, with a REAL LIFE! We hope to add you to the rolls.

Feel free to check us out on the Game Forums Group, or on Facebook (below the Guild Flag below), and if interested, Please contact myself or Jay the Hand or Vador33 through an in-game message (would be quicker than posting here)!



I may be new, but I would like to be a part of your guild.

Big Ogre

I would be interested as well . I went to the links but failed at trying to message the other names ya had there