New friends thread


I am looking to expand my friends list, in active guild with plenty of neighbours, but need more to support/polish in hope of those BluePrints

Zhara - Houndsmoor (also Avrahall and Brisgard)


feel free to add me.. i am active and i try to play daily
u can copy & paste evenstar


Please add me. I play daily and in an active guild. Copy and Paste Sevica in Invite a Friend at the bottom right


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Anyone in this world feel free to add me, I just joined last night and will play P/M daily. JennyButler is game name as well


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Hi everyone, i just started playing in this world and would love all the friends i can get. please add me. i also play in another world. its really fun to play in two worlds, not quite as boring. i mean boring as when you can't or don't have enough room. lol


Hi everybody. Just started playing FoE a few days ago. I play daily and am in need of some friends. I'm currently down to 9 neighbors and can't make much headway. Please add me as a friend. I'll be checking the forum regularly looking for new requests.

Edited to add: I also play on Avrahal under the same name.


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Everyone reading this can add me too. I`m a daily mot/polisher.

In addition - if someone is looking for a serious guild, contact me. We are looking for serious, inteligent, genuine players who are willing to work in a team.


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Anyone in this world (or in F World) feel free to add me, I play P/M daily. JennyButler is game name in both worlds.


I am looking to grow my friends list. Any one in Houndsmoor, feel free to add me. I polish/motivate daily


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If you want a daily M/P please add me, if you don't M/P in return at least occasionally then there is nothing here to see..


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Just added JB as a friend. Looking for Mot/Pol friends and a Guild to support and practice Iron age fighting.

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FYI...I don't hold with the kind of Guild who puts a mole in a Guild they're fighting in GvG to get inside information. Fight hard but play fair.
Hello Dikkon,

Hopefully you will get some response here, but another good way to get active friends is through contacting people via. the Global Chat feature in Houndsmoor.

Good luck!


Brucus Maximus

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Only been in the game a few days so I could do with a few friends who will polish/motivate my buildings and I'll do the same for them.

Mazz the Great

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Looking for Friends - I aid DAILY!! I play in O-world and R-world so send me a Friend Request if you are playing in those worlds. -- Mazz the Great
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