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New Guild Expeditions Guild Now Recruiting


Are you tired of GvG? Of having to get a bunch of players together at the same time to fight, and having enough goods to siege, fill and refill defenses?

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. I have led in guilds on different worlds in different capacities and have played FoE for three years. I am now able to found a guild. Welcome to Brute Squad GE!

I believe Guild Expeditions are the wave of the future in FoE. You can fight on your own, when you have time. You get rewards like plundering in PvP, and you benefit the guild which of course benefits you too.

Everyone who joins Brute Squad GE is required to both fight and give goods for GE. We will always unlock level 3.

The only other requirements are to aid at least four times a week, trade at 2:1 trade ratio, give to GB's in the sticks and to Observatory/Atomium/Arc (Guild GB)programs. And NO DRAMA.

Everyone is expected to make every effort have an Observatory, an Atomium, and an Arc. There will be opportunities to get bps as players join who have these Guild GB's.

There will be plenty of opportunities to advance your GBs and get rewards by using Fp trade threads.

Play the game at your own pace without feeling pressure to get to the next level for GvG.

And have fun. That's a rule!

NOW YOU CAN AUTO-JOIN. Of course there are still rules to follow that will make Brute Squad GE a rewarding and fun guild.

Welcome to the wave of the FoE future! Welcome to Brute Squad GE!

if you have any questions contact Inigo Montoya.
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The Temple of Relics is in beta and will go live soon. Briefly, the TR is a small, any-age Great Building that gives you random chances to collect relics while on Guild Expeditions. These relics are additional prizes you get during each GE by chance depending on how big a prize it is.

With the Temple of Relics on the way, it is an ideal time to join a Guild Expeditions focused guild like Brute Squad GE.

Each level of the TR increases chances for all kinds of relics, from coins and supplies to special buildings. The Temple of Relics needs Iron Age goods to build it. You can only get TR blueprints while doing guild expeditions, or from another player TR.

So auto-join Brute Squad GE soon, the next Expedition starts next Tuesday, and the Temple of Relics will be here soon.


The Temple of Relics (ToR) is now live, and I have one at level 3, heading fast for level 4.

The next Guild Expedition (GE) starts tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8 a.m. EDT.

So this is a great time to join Brute Squad GE, a guild especially for GE!

You can get ToR bps on the GE map as regular rewards for completing a battle (or from my ToR :D ) and with a ToR get common rewards like 20 fps or 25 goods, uncommon rewards like 100 fps or medals by age, and even rare rewards like wishing wells and shrines of knowledge!

Joining is by application, or by request I can send you an invitation. Please read the guild profile before applying or requesting application. Please contact Inigo Montoya if you have any questions.

Thanks, and welcome to the new wave in FoE. Welcome to Brute Squad GE!