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New Guild in Brisgard seeking players of all ages!

I am an experienced player, playing for the first time in Brisgard as I wanted to start in a new world to create a new concept guild.

My guild would not be using the standards swap threads but instead be highly focused on utilizing the 1.9 leveling system. As well as a dedicated Arc 1.9 thread.

Once the guild is truly up and running it will be an apply to join, but at the moment the guild is currently open join. Feel free to stop in check it out, all threads that will be used are currently up. Which include the 1.9 threads stated above, trades threads, guild standards, cheap BP threads, and GVG lottery and a GVG rewards thread that will be in effect with growth of the guild.

Feel free to send me an in game message. ‘Queen Serenity of Cevia’ or just come on into to guild to see for yourself, at ’Cevia Nation’
Hi everyone. Just to update. The guild is new and growing rapidly! I am currently seeking active players of all ages and experience! while most the guild members are lower age, including myself, as I’m new to Brisgard, though not to FoE. I have secured a partnership with another guild and have a multi-guild 1.9 thread offer those who’d have the resources to help our guild grow an active 1.9 thread where they can still continue to grow their city.
At Cevia Nation all are welcome. We will be transferring to an apply to join guild within the week, so if you‘re interested send me a message in game (Queen Serenity of Cevia) and I’d be happy to send you an invite or accept your application!