New Guild (Ominous Latin Phrase) Recruiting Iron Age and Early Middle Age players


"Ominous Latin Phrase" is a relaxed guild set up for players who may be inactive occasionally. As a guild, we strive to cover all the bases withfair trade and good military resources. Two players are currently working on Great Buildings and our societies are flourishing. Since this is a new guild, new members have the opportunity to have their ideas heard and tailor-make a guild in a very unique way. Currently our guild "rules" are very simple and relaxed. As the guild grows, we will be awarding titles and recruiting officers of the guild based on points and activity within the guild. We are actively seeking members, and have sent out invites to players who have started their own guilds but have not successfully grown. Currently predominant male membership, we are seeking female players to help recruit guild members. As the guild grows and becomes more fitting to its founding membership base, we will become more selective and our rules will be more set in stone. Come be a part of this proud guild!:D Contact Highchancelor or Trowtbum for a guild invite.
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