New Guild Seeking New Members


is Recruiting New Members


is a Guild with a Mission
and we're looking for
Warriors to join us in GvG


We're just getting started here at Castra
so send us a message if you'd like to
come grow with us...

:death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death: :death:

Our Standards are different than most of the other Guild's out there....
And it's those Standards that will set us apart from all the others!

We are a Very Selective Guild
Not everyone has what it takes
to become one of Castra's Warriors...


If you are a true Warrior
and a TeamPlayer
who's looking for a Guild that
is unlike any other
CASTRA is looking for YOU!!

:war: :defend: :attack: :death: :defend: :war: :attack:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you believe that in order for a Guild to succeed
    there must be structure and policies in place to ensure that success for everyone?
  • Are you willing to be an active and supportive member?
  • Do you believe that a players success goes hand in hand with their Guild's success?
  • Will you step up and do what it takes to help your Guild succeed rather than sit back and watch as everyone else does it instead??