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New player Via Android

Soul Binder

Only been playing about a week so far but enjoying game so far.
I'm in a guild that's been quite helpful with information and trades, but would like to start getting some friends outside of guild for more Motivate/Polish per day to try getting blueprints.

App apparently doesn't support chat at present so only able to use messages in game.


Welcome to FOE. If you want full functionality, go log in using a computer. Who knows how long it will be until the app has full functionality, if ever.

Soul Binder

I don't have access to a computer with Internet hence reason I'm playing via the Android app.
Thanks for the welcome to game though that is appreciated.


I gave been playing for a short while, and only just now found this forum. I now log on daily and try to do most quests. Feel free to friend me (think I'm outside your guild).