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Super Catanian

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Incidents, rewards from the Guild Expedition and Guild Battlegrounds, Wishing Wells, a Level 8 Crow's Nest, Seed Vault, Himeji Castle, Space Carrier, some Story, Bonus, and Side Quests (can be mutiplied with the Chateau Frontenac).

Did I miss anything?

The game gives you plenty of options of earning Diamonds, but it all depends on how you choose to spend them.

Cured Meat

fountain of youth maybe? "Invite friends" I think has some sort of diamond reward program. If you're just starting out, your real only hope is from Quests, Wishing Wells, and if Fountain of Youth has them....I think they do.


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How can you collect more diamonds without having to purchase them
Diamonds are the only resource that is account wide, so diamonds you earn in one of your cities can be used in any of your other cities. This is something you can take advantage of. Start a city in another world (or multiple) for the sole purpose of farming diamonds. Get as many wishing wells as you can from events, and fill up these “diamond farm” cities with them. Depending on how many wishing wells you have, you can actually make a lot of diamonds from this. WWs have a 1% chance at giving 50 diamonds, so for every 100 wishing wells you have, you will get on average 50 diamonds per day. This really can add up if you have multiple diamond farms, with lots of WWs in each.

Farfle the smelly

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This is a dumb question (another noob, sorry), but how do I participate in both GE and GBG? My battleground is now open and there’s nothing to click on. Is this started by the guild founder, and so I just have to wait? I’ve donated to the treasury and FPs to select members.

I fear i may be in a points-only guild, which would super bum me out.


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in GBG, you can only attack provinces adjacent to ones owned by your guild.
so at the beginning, you have to attack provinces next to your guild headquarters. anyone in the guild can attack, and you don't need the leaders to unlock anything.