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Ninja bunnies is looking to grow


We are a small fair trade guild active in GE and GBG seeking active members to grow with us.

What the guild offers:

* We are a level 31 guild ( you will receive 3 forge points every day from your town hall )
* We have several fp threads that range from 5 to 50 fp
* Trade thread
* Obs thread
* Sticks to bricks thread ( to help get those Great buildings to level 1 fast )
* levels 1-3 are opened weekly in GE are

What the guild requires

* Finish the first 8 battles in the GE every week ( complete more if you can as it benefits the guild )
* Contribute 10 forge points every week to the Obs thread ( this can be done in increments )
* Have an observatory, Arc or Atomium ( or currantly be collecting blue prints for one )
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