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New Issue Not working in any browser


New Member
Amazing! 2nd event in a row, right at the very end of the event. Hope everyone burned all of their event materials as fast as they got them, because just like last event, if you can't log in to finish the event, your answer is - "too bad, there will be no compensation for what you missed because our servers weren't working".


Well-Known Member
It's working for me, but it was a little slow yesterday. Had to wait a while for everything to load in, then it resolved itself.


New Member
Game froze. Deleted all game data and cookies in setting. Could login once, game froze. After that same for me, PLAY button does not execute. On Firefox. Works fine on mobile.
Been having all kinds of quirks and glitches all day, mostly minor but have had to reboot PC a couple of times. Decided to try to delete cookies since that was the 'fix' last time. Made it worse, now have the same as Timv and LuckyGamer, login, click Play, nothing. Guess I won't delete cookies on my laptop.


New Member
Same story. Put in a ticket, followed instructions, things are worse than ever. Can't even play at all now.

Before just clearing cache, some things were broken, but now it is completely inaccessible.


New Member
Same - deleted cookies, restarted, won't let me past the 'PLAY' button after logging in. Windows 10 & Microsoft Edge.
INNO needs to compensate us for the lost event time!


New Member
I've lost today in the game. I was looking forward to a new great building and trying to keep the meanie from our neighborhood from plucking my goods again. Guess I'll try later tonight or tomorrow. Hope I have something left when I do get back in. Now, I can log in, but the PLAY button is dead. What's up Inno??


New Member
Firefox didn't work for me, either. "Play" button still doesn't activate or send me anywhere.

MJ Artisan of War

Well-Known Member
Running on Firefox on two live worlds and one beta world, no issues, other than the periodic gbg lag everyone is seeing across the board


New Member
I am using firefox and Edge and am having issues on both with lag, I beleive. Some of my buildings don't load. Even if I have muliples of them. Half will and half don't and it's random which ones are going to show. I can hover over the area and see what SHOULD be showing there that isn't. Been this way for several days now. Today, the background in instances when I collect them and the pop up box shows up....it doesn't have a background. I just leveled u to a new age and need to reconfigure my city but its kinda difficult when I can't see all my buildings. Before anyone suggests it, I have already cleared cache and cookies SEVERAL times. It doesn't help.