November Contest

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List the world you would like your prize. Contest ends 11/30/18 11:59 Pm EST. 1 winner will be chosen at random and given 300 forge points. Players may once a day!!! If we have over 200 entries 3 other prizes of 100 forge points each will be awarded.

Please finish this sentence...

I love Forge of Empires because....


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Hard to point at just one thing. The great buildings, the chatter of a guild, the plundering, the awesome guild expedition and its prizes. Conquering lands. GvG, all of it really funnest game I’ve played by far bar none.


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Its a great way to connect with some friends and family in a shared experience of fun, teamwork and comradeship


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I love the history lesson, the adventure of battling & trading, city building and most of all, I love all the new friends I make. FOE is my escape from a very complex real world!

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I am part of a wonderfully friendly and support guild full of weirdos, nutjobs, antisocial rejects, and really great people. I have made some real friends that actually care about what is going on in real life not just FOE. KINGDOM KNIGHTS RULE!!!!
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