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Observatories just started spreading like wildfire on Y world, but I'm a little puzzled as to how we got them. Were they in the Winter Event prizes and I just never noticed?


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Someone won a BP from a contest. Bought the rest with diamonds. People contribute and it spreads like wildfire.

It all starts with 1 single BP, lol.

adam s keemer

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The same thing on Z world, still sounds dodgy to me. Usually Observatories are released in event in game not in a comtest outside the game.


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I have a BP. I'm contemplating buying diamonds. In 3 years, I've spent maybe $15-20 on the game. I would more than double that and for just an OBS. But I kind of want it leveled up without work. *sigh* I wish I had a special offer today. It'd tip the scales for me.