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October contest

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I enjoy the GE and the various Special Events that allow my to win cool stuff.


getting to know the members that love the game like I do



Negotiating in GE. It's sort of like math. Who wouldn't like that?


List the world you would like your prize. Contest ends 10/31/18 11:59 Pm EST. Winner will be chosen at random and given 300 forge points. Players may only enter once.

Please finish this sentence...

My favorite thing to do in FoE is .....
Storm the GvG battle field and crush my enemies to dust. As I trample over the carcasses I lead my guild to greatness!



Collecting BPs and buying goods to build new, awesome Great Buildings!



My favourite thing to do is fight through the GE and across the continent. As long as the fight is fair, I like to fight in the PvP as well. The strategy of fighting the computer is better than chess, because the army units don't always behave the same way, so there is much more variation. Great fun.

My world is Rugnir.
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