[Poetry] Of Kruptos

Lanthano of Kruptos

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No diamonds or guild,
just a sword and a shield,
have I to forge my empire.

The people of my city,
of which there are many,
respectfully call me Sire.

I scout, and I conquer,
acquiring plunder,
raising my score ever higher.

My neighbors despise me,
dread sight of my army,
and wish I would drown in the mire.

Be that as it may,
there will come a day,
when I have all I desire.

No more to gain,
for my toil and pain,
'tis then that I'll retire.



But the last sentence, when read aloud, will run better when written as " 'tis then that I will retire"
It's all about the cadance.

Shannara Erin 1 Gloriosa

I'm watching you, Ares....

The guy in your avi kind of looks like the guy who plays Ares on Xena Warrior Princess.