Offer a "One down" or "Reno to any age" kit during events

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We work hard to collect those one up and renovation kits. Sometimes stupid mistake are made. Sometimes we wish we hadn't aged up to where we are and brought every single building along with us. The ability to hunt for a few of these kits would be worth the effort to help with guild trades and research trees that span across several eras, etc.

Rare is okay. It would be worth the price.
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-1 No.

Indeed many will like this proposal and it has been proposed multiple times. However, many like me, and Inno it seems, believe that it breaks the spirit of the game and is also something open to abuse. Imagine getting a TF in SAM and downgrading it to IA to save pop, but still get all the FPs. Too many issues for me with this idea, despite it's [popularity.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum. Second, you’re going to be told a lot that this has already been proposed.

-1 from me, though. You just have to start anew

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Proposed multiple times and will never happen. Devs do not want it

on about 25 mins.

Now for the next time you have a great idea:

Steps of a Proposal

  1. Go to the Proposals section
  2. Check the Do Not Suggest List
  3. If your proposal is not on the DNSL check the Frequently Proposed Ideas and do a forum Search to see if it’s already been suggested
  4. If you can’t find a similar proposal then Properly Format your proposal
  5. Submit Proposal
  6. Wait at least two weeks
  7. If multiple people support your Proposal you can at this point Submit it for Nomination
  8. At this point “moderators will review it and decide if a poll will be created or if it needs further discussion first”
  9. If successful your Proposal will be Submitted for Vote
  10. If successful it should be Submitted to Inno
  11. For various reasons a Proposal may end up in the Closed/Archived section, if that happens they state “...try re working the text and create a new proposal thread for it.”
  12. If a Proposal goes through to Inno I’m not exactly sure what happens at that point
  13. Never add a Poll to your own Proposal
  14. If you get slushpuppy responses try to ignore it
  15. Disclaimer: I am not a mod. Just a very helpful person
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Use the search tool next time, so you don’t propose something that has been proposed before.

You can’t just make a proposal without proper research and expect it to go over well.

About the idea:
It’s good, but obviously you’re not the first person to think of it. I’m not voting because this has already been proposed and rejected, so there is no real point to do so.


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Try not to be to discouraged by all the inconsiderate people on here.
Proposal formatting is not mandatory anymore but a lot of the regulars on here like when it is used because it forces you to think about you're proposal a little more.
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