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    Apr 24, 2018
    Old Timers Guild was created in an effort to bring together players that want to help others out! As the Old Timers progress, we will adjust requirements to fit our group.

    For now, we are an open guild that allows new players from all ages. The higher ages will of course may want to have open levels 3 and 4 of the GEs, and that may not be possible, because of not enough goods donated to the guild treasury. However, that could change as more and more players join! With that said, we would like ALL players to participate and finish as much of the expo's as possible.

    Message threads will be setup accordingly and all players will be added when they join, and when the admin notices them. If you are not added within a day, please send the admin a message.

    We currently have the following threads setup:
    OT - 5 FP Swap
    OT - 10 FP Swap
    OT - Goods Trade

    Other group threads upon requests.

    We hope you make the decision to join our open and friendly guild.