Only receiving 10%

Big figger

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I have a prob!am with receiving only a portion of coins, supplies today after I got my 10 stars for the winter quest and getting 2 stars from around my city I went to claim some prizes and had 32 stars total. Now I checked with a couple of other players and they had a couple hundred stars to start with. Also I used to be able to claim my daily benefit and one building would supply enough coins to cover the 160,000 to complete the event quest now I am only getting very small portion from the same building is someone or something gaining all those extra coins supplies and other items. I am on the verge of quitting but I really like this game but the way things are going its too tough to keep my city running


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If they have more stars, it's because they completed more quests. As far as you building is concerned. It might be that it is normally Motivated at collection, but this time it wasn't. No Mo means you get half the coins you would with Mo.