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ONSLAUGHT looking for recruits!


Active Member
ONSLAUGHT is a top 20 guild of Sinerania and is looking to recruit new members!

Benefits of ONSLAUGHT:

- 4 FPs a day from Town Hall
- 20% Recruitment Boost from Town Hall
- 10% Building Rebate from Town Hall
- Open GE Level 4 weekly
- GvG for those interested (but not required)
- Power Leveling threads for GBs
- Robust Resource Trading threads

ONSLAUGHT Guild requirements:
- Complete 32 GE encounters weekly (2levels)
- Add 1 FP to new GBs (Sticks to Bricks)
- Aid minimum of 3 times weekly
-Have or work to get Observatory

For an invite contact Michael of Cowen or Cton2.forge