Outside Guild Trade Button

To have a outside guild trade button.

Current System
You have guild only feature for guild only and then just normal trade that everyone on friends list, neighborhood, and guildmates see.

there would be one selection for guild only, and one for outside guild.When you select the Outside guild only button, everybody in guild would not be able to see it, unless they are in your neighborhood or friends list, but it would cost a FP for them to take it, just as a friend or neighbor would.

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids
none atm
When trading with people outside of guild, it will allow a greater time for them to grab it w/o having somebody in your guild taking it because they think you need the goods. i will think of more later.......

Killa KoKo

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Great idea.. someone proposed this, we've voted on it, and it was submitted to the developers a few months back. :)
i didn't see it, usually i don't miss the small details like that. after all, it is the small details in life that are the most important....hehe. it such a good proposal, why they haven't implemented it yet, it is beyond me. take guild wars for instance. everybody said it would be too hard to code, but here it is. it wouldn't be hard to code in at all, at least i would think
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Yeah, here it is:

Why it hasn't been implemented? Who can say. I suspect that the bulk of their development effort goes into new content, like new ages. I don't really know how much effort this kind of thing would be, or whether they would feel it would pay off. I'd like to think that little things like this that improve the game are worthwhile though.

I'll close this since it's already been proposed.