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Parkogs dead in middle of night(duh)


Well-Known Member
Well im from canada but it was almost midnight so i didnt expect much. Sarcasms hard online;)
@Super Catanian uses italics to indicate sarcasm (the "sarcasm font") which can help, but not everybody recognizes it lol.

Fwiw, I got it :) -- I was still on (mountain time) when I saw your op right before calling it a night, and it was like crickets. The whole forum was really hopping and I hated to leave!

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
Because of how bizarre humans are, repeatedly posting that a server is dead will almost guarantee every player there to return playing daily. Actually, you might even double the number of players there by doing so!


Active Member
I didn't mean parkog itself is dead. I was just joking it was dead in the middle of the night. Parkog is a great world