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Perfect Dark - Seeks Active Players for GBG & GE!

Dirk McMurk

New Member
Perfect Dark is currently seeking active members for Guild Battlegrounds & Guild Expedition. :eek:

:cool: Our Guild features a friendly, helpful, and active community, GB swap threads, fair trades, a well organized Battlegrounds team, and much, much more! :cool:

Join Us Today!!!

Dirk McMurk

New Member

Perfect Dark
is now headed to Platinum League in Guild Battlegrounds and is currently ranked inside the top 100 guilds at #96! :cool:

Our Guild also has 'Stix to Brix' and 'GB Level Alert' threads, as well as new Event threads with questlines and other helpful information about the most recent Special Events.

We are a very helpful group for players at all levels of the game.

We invite all active players who are able to complete at least 4 encounters in GBG or GE each session to join our growing Guild!